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Ronda's ability to simplify even the most complex subjects ​is what keeps practitioners begging for more. Her clinical experience, sense of humor and practical approach to working with all types of conditions is what makes her a leader within the functional wellness community. 


"​I love Dr. Ronda's ability to simplify concepts without dumbing them down. Her analogies and white board drawings come to mind frequently when working with patients. This makes it easy for me to explain exactly what is going on in the body and how to improve it​!"

Reilynn T.
D.C., LAc.

"Dr. Ronda puts the puzzle pieces together and shows a way to provide nutritional support that helps patients finally feel better by providing the missing nutrients and supporting the thyroid gland itself. Brilliant! Wish I would have found her sooner! "

Michelle O.

"Clinical Academy has given me the tools to approach cases with certainty and effective strategies to get great results. Without this course I could get really bogged down in what to do and when and how to put together a treatment plan. Now I have resources, teaching tools, great explanations and my go to protocols that I trust. Thank you Dr. Ronda for the support!"

Lu M.

Clinical Academy

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Convenient for busy practitioners, Ronda's online courses and Clinical ​Academy are available 24 hours a day, wherever you are and on any device. If you love Ronda’s teaching style and engaging personality, ​then what are you waiting for?


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